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Do not Stuck in Cafés in Istanbul

The List of Alternative Activities in İstanbul


Caution: Contains adrenaline!

Recently, the rising exchange rate has reached the upper limits. We do not say that we are looking for ways to entertain ourselves in our country or even in our city. No, please don’t say such a thing if we are in Istanbul, then let’s go outside of the triangle of Karaköy, Kadıköy, Balat. Let’s run to the mountains. We think that I could go back to the city and spend hours in the cafes drinking coffee or alcohol. Well, this is what we said we can do. In the end, we have created a lot of activity for ourselves. Yes, they may be a bit expensive, but think of it; for a meal, for a coffee and for transportation, we spend too much money. That’s how we explain it because we do it. Well, then if you’re counting on the luxury of eating and drinking once a month, you’ll have both time and money for our suggestions. Just think about it. We have a suggestion for every season. Don’t worry, we said it is winter and we’ve attached our winter suggestions:

Istanbul Aquarium

Did you know that the world’s largest thematic aquarium is in Florya, Istanbul? We only knew there was only one aquarium. But we didn’t know what it was. From the dive with the sharks, to feed the fish, in short, the number of experiences you can experience in your life is in the concept of this aquarium. The lemon shark is the largest shark in the aquarium. There are anaconda, piranha and many fish species that we know from horror films in Istanbul Aquarium! Official Website of Istanbul Aquarium: Aquarium

Weekdays: 10:00-19:00 Weekend: Open between 10:00-20:00. You can buy tickets from the website.

Dialog in Dark

Have you ever thought about how your life would be without seeing your eyes? What are the difficulties in life outside of your spiritual dimension? So, Dialog in Dark thought about this for us and gave us a great idea to understand a little bit of life. We went to Hamburg. And we don’t say such an experience!

You can experience this excitement activity at the Gayrettepe metro stop. Tickets on the Biletix.

İstanbul Dolphinarium

If you can’t go to the ocean to swim with the dolphins, then you can do it in the Dolphinarium. Yeah, we’re against placing animals in the aquarium. Every living thing is beautiful in its nature. But there are swimming with dolphins, intimate meetings, diving and rehabilitation services. We want to believe that the maintenance conditions are not bad. You can also watch the whale and dolphin shows. Every Monday of the week, except for Mondays, there are demonstrations at 14:00. The price of swimming with dolphins for 1 person is $ 155 for 10 minutes, dive with dolphins about 20 minutes is $311 and for watching dolphin shows is $25.

Helicopter Tour

Would you like to see Istanbul from the skies? You’ll see closely. It’s not like looking for your own house when you’re on the plane of Istanbul’s sky. You will do the tour directly with a helicopter. The fee is 219 euros for 15-30 minutes. Istanbul City Tours are the best way to discover the city.Istanbul Helicopter Tour


Can you imagine leaving yourself in space? You can really do this. It’s not like falling in a dream. You won’t say, “Jack, I’m flying.” Those who really dream of flying should definitely try.

We are now switching to sports activities.


In Trabzon Park or in Sile, you have to do paintball to reveal Zeyna or Herkül, the heroes inside you. Okay ultimately it is plastic bullets but is able to bruise in the body at close range. Don’t overdo it, just enjoy it.


Why not throw yourself out from the rivers? Is not it really a different feeling that you can hit the rocks with rocks? OK, it is a creepy but absolutely wonderful experience when we say so. We didn’t do it, but here’s our list.


Especially in the spring months when the mud has crossed the knee length, it means the off-road time. Of course, liking being driving is the main element of this activity. In Ağva of Şile, you can find many places for this activity.


It’s not as easy as it sounds like so easy to do driving on a course with little vehicles after adrenaline. You can think of it as the starting level before off-road. For carting, please check TripAdvisor page.

Windsurfing (Summer Activity)

You can even make this event on the Caddebostan coast. Feeling the wind in your face and speeding in spite of the waves, it cannot be told, you have to live it.

Wakeboard (Summer Activity)

There is an artificial pool in İzmit Gölkay Park or the north cable park. It was built aiming windsurfing for those who want to live the excitement. It’s not just Wakeboard either; Wakeskate, Water Ski, Monoski, Kneeboard, SUP/canoe, can also flyboard. 15 minutes Flyboard’s fee is $55, SUP /1-hour canoe fee is $4, 1 hour other activities’ fee is $8.

Ice skating

Even though it’s called ice, it’s an activity that you can actually do in every season thanks to the indoor ice rinks. However, in some shopping centers during summer months, they turn the ice rink into something else like the exhibition area. Optimum, located on the Anatolian side, is an indispensable element of ice skating rinks.


The Anatolian side of Istanbul is home to a mountainous area after Gebze. You can train for climbing in winter and summer and why not start climbing.

Skiing (Winter Activity)

Uludag, Kartepe is located 1 hour from Istanbul. In other words, this sport, which becomes expensive, can only be done by going there. Here is a wonderful tour of Uludağ Skiing:

Snowmobile (Snocross) (Winter Activity)

If you went to the snowy mountains, but do not want to ski. Then you can do tours with snowmobiles. 1 hour in Uludag is $28.


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