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Night Clubs with Istanbul Bosphorus View

Night Clubs with Istanbul Bosphorus View

Istanbul is one of the most touristic cities in both Turkey and World. Its population is more than 18 million. There are many different cultures to know, foods to taste, and place to go. But don’t worry; we have already made a special list of best clubs in Istanbul that will turn your Istanbul NYE into an everlasting memory with the view of Bosphorus.

Reina Club

Located by the Bosphorus, Reina one of the most famous club in Istanbul especially during New Year time. It is so big and has many bars that you can find all of the types of drinks. Its restaurant is well-known with its special tastes not only coming from Turkish cuisine but also from World cuisines. It is known as the shiny pearl of entertaining clubs. Worldwide starts, such as Bon Jovi, Kylie Minogue, Daniel Craig, Uma Thurman and U2 are just some of the stars that visited the Reina club.


It is located in Ortaköy. It offers picturesque scenery of Istanbul Bosphorus with its six restaurants and bars. You can enjoy visiting there between 6 p.m. and 4 a.m. It is totally an escape place for the ones that are in search of relax and fun.


What makes this amazing place different than the other clubs is its location. It is on a separate island. So there is not a competitor of SuAda due to its location. It is 165 meters away from Kuruçeşme. It is a three-story mansion built by Sultan Abdul-Aziz as a present for Serkis Kalfa, who is one of the famous architects of the Ottoman Empire. Like the other two clubs, SuAda is also a good place for new year party in Istanbul. After World War I, it was used as a coal storehouse for rental but today it is one of the best entertainment places in Istanbul.

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